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Bookings are made through our website or you can come to our office to book.

Yes! Phones are Ok to use and you can take as many pics as you like. Wifi is also available.

We provide you with a jacket and gloves. Closed footwear is recommended and thong socks are available for purchase

The Ice Bar runs at -9 celius. You can stay in as long as you like but can only leave once (bathroom break included)

Sure! You can use each token for a different drink, no problem

Yes, each person will receive 1 ice cup. You can choose a beer tumbler, cocktail ice glass or shot ice glass. You can have different drinks in same cup, no problem.

We have created session times, to ensure your ice experience is not a lonely one!

Of course!! “Antler Bar” is just a great place to hang out and full bar is available to purchase.

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